Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chocolate Peanut butter

It's safe to say I have had a lot of birthday's to bake for this summer! Made these for my friend Steve and I must say they were my favorites, the chocolate came out perfect with some peanut butter chips inside (reeses, of course) For the top I folded peanut butter into some vanilla frosting. I feel a little cupcaked out though, In the mood to make a really awesome cake.

Smore' Cupcakes for a Birthday Party

These cupcakes need a lot of work, but I think they were such a great idea. Whenever I go to AJs I feel like we have smores', so I figured I would try and make them in Cupcake form for his birthday! Really easy, the top is fluff, grahm cracker crumbs, and ganache. Can we talk about ganache for a minute? This was my first time making it ( it's just heavy cream, butter, and semi sweet chocolate bits) and I think I instantly fell in love, who wouldn't want permanently melted chocolate on their cupcake? Anyway, the cupcake itself is just a deep chocolate recipe, if you're in a rush you can use any chocolate cake mix. Now, the bottom is where I ran into some trouble.... for my bottom I used a mixture of brown sugar (light or dark, I think I used dark because it's all I had) Butter, and grahm cracker crumbs, like a pie crust. I've never made a pie before but I know that when I put that on the bottom and baked the cupcakes regularly, the bottom started to burn by the time they came out. I guess I'll just lower my temperature next time. Nevertheless, these are easy, messy, and funnnn..... all the makings of the best kinds of cupcakes.