Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween Cupcakes!

It was an icky rainy day yesterday so Michelle and I decided that cupcakes were a good idea, and I also got this really cute witch cupcake holder with little feet that I was dying to use. We went to the store and probably spent only about fifteen dollars to make all of these, i'm not going to lie I made box mix for these (how un-pastry like of me) but I was just in the mood to decorate and I am totally broke ;). Anyway, these are easy! make them! I basically just tried to make up original ideas but most of them have already been done....which doesn't make a difference, they were so fun!

Strategic Sprinkling
Takes time but always looks amazing
All of our buddies
Fangs out of Fruit Slice, icing, and sprinkles

The cutest monster in all the land
Little bat baby, we used those wafers for a lot of shapes
Milano gravestone, cookie dirt, food writer, and gummy worm friend.

Witches hats are Oreo ice cream cones iced to a chocolate wafer :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Banana Chocolate

Laughing at these pictures.. for My best friend nikki's birthday a chocolate/banana cake was requested. Safe to say I aced it by messing around with my favorite chocolate sour cream recipe. I look awful in that picture! it was before going out... Her favorite color is green so I kept it simple and just added some colored sugar. Happy Birthday best friend!