Monday, May 17, 2010

Mike Tilton's Birthday Cupcakes

Mike Tilton is a very special friend, who deserves very special birthday cupcakes. I got a small amount of fondant to just make a few birthday cupcakes, and enslaved my best friend Michelle, naturally. I ran into so many problems making these, I need to find a tip holder (I don't even know if thats what they're called) that can hold my giant tips onto my pastry bags. You can't really see but under these is a little stack of frosting holding them all on. Fondant is funny to work with because every color needs specific tlc. For instance, the black is easy to work with on any surface while the red was extremely sticky and was so hard to use :( Anyway, I wasn't too upset these were really fun and what it comes down to is fondant is cute and fun but really expensive! And me having a lameo job I'll just have to grow my collection more slowly.
I think i'm obsessed with sugar pearls, I know this is said a lot but I sware these images got all funny looking when I uploaded them.
Tilton loves Forrest Gump and can quote every single line. So, how adorable and perfect is this cupcake Michelle made?! she's a natural ;)

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