Tuesday, April 13, 2010

*I am trying to do this as least as possible (that is, talking about myself). But incase you just happen to come across my little blog, I feel it's sort of nice to put a face to the narration.....

My name is Jolee. I am twenty years old and an aspiring bakery owner. After studying psychology for about two years and different universities, I fell out of like with it. This time I went with my gut and what I really want to do. This is just a blog to share the pastry love... just me, my oven, good times, and some doughs/batters/meringues/etc.

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  1. So after completely stalking this page and loveing every cupcake on it, I finally figure out that it is you Jolee that is the baker in question. I love it!!! I finally am taking a class in cake decorating! I can't wait. We have to bake together. <3